Most of our marketing clients are small businesses or independent consultants. In many cases, we develop their first professionally-done communications—including logos, business cards, stationary, brochures, and sales literature.

We enjoy this work because our clients are so passionate about their business. They feel they have so much to offer if they could only reach their audience. We get tremendous satisfaction in helping them identify and communicate key messages—bringing their ideas to reality with the right words and images.

Our most important contribution may be to represent the perspective of their customers—to help them get through the volumes they know about their business and clarify the essential value of their service or product.

We also help in developing a marketing strategy—figuring out how much of the sales burden each communication will carry, and selecting the media that will most effectively reach different customers.

We help our clients answer questions like:

We get most of our new marketing clients as referrals from satisfied customers. Check out some of our marketing work samples, and you can see the ways we have helped our clients give voice to their business.

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