How about some Steak?
There's a common expression in marketing: "Sell the sizzle, not the steak." It suggests that the primary purpose of an ad is to excite the customer.

Perhaps so, but sometimes even an ad has to be relevant to the product. Case in point—have you ever told anybody about a great TV ad, but forgotten what it was for?

In developing any of our media, Stottlemyer Associates follows a more profound principle of design: form follows function.

We don't spend our time and your money creating special effects that don't convey something important about your product or service. This wastes your customers' time, and you may have trouble getting their attention a second time.

We do create communications that are attention-getting and appealing. Our interactive presentations have a simple elegance in organization so your customers can easily explore the benefits of your product or service. Your marketing communications will convey the steak as well as the sizzle—no offense intended to vegetarians.

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