What media is best for you?

    Who do you need to influence?

        What do you want them to do?

            What message will they repond to?

                How can you put that message in front of them?

If your audience can most easily access and use printed information (brochure, poster, job aid) why go with anything more complicated?

If, however, you have a global audience which needs detailed information updated daily, you absolutely need an online system.

Frequently, people need several forms of communication as part of a cohesive strategy. A marketing campaign, for example, could include radio advertising, direct mail and a web page. An instructional program could include electronic templates, an online tutorial, and an e-mail forum for expert and peer support.

Choosing the right media for the job is based on systematic, logical inquiry. We can guide you through your assessment of the pros and cons of various media and help you make the choices that suit you, your message, and your audience. If your project requires several types of media, we coordinate creative efforts to avoid duplication and ensure thematic continuity.

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