The Personal Touch
When you tell us what you want your communication to do, you are talking directly to your writer, your designer and your media developer. We try to eliminate filters to direct, immediate communication.

We will work closely with you, and respond immediately to your direction. Often our clients call us with changes which we incorporate electronically during the conversation. We accommodate your schedule and will work to meet difficult deadlines.

To get the desired results, we usually get pretty involved in our client's situation. Our best, most effective communications will be created from a full understanding of your objectives, priorities, constraints, and personal style.

The payoff for this initial investment in the relationship keeps unfolding. Our first communication product hits the mark. The second is quicker and easier to do because we already know your thinking and position. By the time we are doing the third and fourth projects, we have a wealth of information and inspiration to draw upon. We keep your interests in mind and make strategic suggestions.

We have a number of corporate clients who asked us develop their media when they left the company to become entrepreneursóbecause they trust us to convey their new mission to the world. We don't care about the size of a projectówhat we look for is involvement, a creative challenge, and the chance to apply our skills in new arenas.

Our new clients typically:

If you fit this profile, and have project that is important to you, we would love to hear from you.
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